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Lordy-Lorde, Looks Who's Going Solar!

Music Artist Lorde Returns with New Solar Powered Single!

After a 4-year hiatus, The New Zealand native who brought us the smash hit "Royals" has returned with a new single entitled "Solar Power", and it is just what we hoped it would be.

"Solar Power" presents itself as a fun, sunshine-filled, Summertime anthem with imagery of love, travel, adventure, acoustic vibes with a hint of beachside margarita mix and of course Solar Power!

You can literally smell the ocean water and feel the warmth of the sun within the lyrics and rhythms of the verses, paired with island-style hand drums and palm-muted acoustic guitar strumming. But the real magic of the song is the modern clean energy nuances referenced all throughout. "It's a new state of mind. Are you coming?" Lorde asks at the end of the songs chorus, and as a Marketing Manager working in the Solar Industry, I have to admit, I couldn't have said it better myself!

"Turn it on in a new kind of bright, its Solar...Solar Power!" Lorde sings in repetition at the end of the song, and suddenly I feel that I just found the perfect anthem to liven up the daily grind of my workday. The spirit of enjoying the beauty of the sea, sand and sunshine just poured into office space and I immediately am reminded why I love being part of an industry that promotes clean, earth-preserving energy. This song, is certainly a celebration of mother nature's gifts and reminds us of the awesomeness of nature's power to connect us in a way that can only be matched by the power of music.

Now to crank up the volume, because we aren't worried about the energy consumption. We too, are Solar Powered!

Article Provided by: Solar Sun Pro - Las Vegas, NV - .

Written by: Ryan Barbin - Digital Marketing and Content Creator - Solar Sun Pro

Listen to Lorde's "Solar Power" Now on Spotify:

Lorde - Solar Power Music Video on YouTube:

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